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Phuket Scuba Daytrips

Scuba Daytrips from Phuket

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Scuba Day Trips from PhuketPhuket Island has long been recognized as the regional center for daytrip scuba

Learn more about diving, live aboard diving and scuba diving courses on the "Andaman Sea " coast of  Thailand

Both beginners and experienced divers enjoy the
aquarium style underwater scenery while diving at the local Phuket & Phi Phi world class dive sites. The 85 meter long "King Cruiser Ferry" wreck close to "Anemone Reef'" and the exciting "Shark Point" that is named after the harmless Leopard Sharks who bask on the sandy bottom are just a few of the
exciting locations visited by the boats departing daily from Chalong Bay. Wall diving, drift diving, deep diving, night and some fantastic opportunities for normal and macro underwater photography are available in the area.

Daytrip scuba diving from Phuket, the Phi Phi and the Racha Islands dive sites operate throughout the year offering a choice of  2, 3 or 4 dives per day for a single day's diving and many overnight trips are available. The size of the average Phuket dive boat is about 22 meters in length and they are designed to carry divers safely and comfortably to the local dive sites
with full meals served on board depending on the number of dives offered during the day.

Departures are generally early in the mornings however now there are options available that allow for guests to sleep in and enjoy the
hotel buffet breakfasts and do their diving from small high speed boats with fewer divers in the groups then the larger boats.

 For more information, dive site descriptions and schedules - cruise on over to
  Phuket Scuba Day Trips
and see what they are doing.

A great local resource for Scuba Daytrips is Phuket Diving - Sunrise Divers.

Another option - an experienced regional provider of Scuba Training and activities is Dive the World.  They provide training and activities in Phuket, the Similan Islands, Hin Daeng, Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Koh Samui and Burma.


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