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C & N Resort and Spa - Patong Beach, Phuket

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C & N Resort and Spa - Patong Beach, Phuket

C&N RESORT & SPA  are a fantastic hotel on one of the most famous island in the world. We are situated in Patong Beach, centrally located on Phuket Island.

C&N Resort and Spa is situated upon Patong Hill where you could escape from the busy crowed. Such a peaceful setting also provides the perfect location, which takes only a few steps to Patong Beach, for relaxation and refreshment on your holiday.

C&N Resort and Spa located surrounding beautiful scene with sea view of Patong beach among privately atmosphere. We provide a conveniently and beautifully accommodation, facilities, dining and warmly service.

  Thai massage give you refresh as well as body comfort.

  Oil massage: relax your muscular tension.

  Foot massage is good for health as their relationship to the body

  Unique restaurant serves all kinds of fresh seafood, Thai and International
     cuisine in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

  Internet & Business Center: You will not miss any communication between
     your holiday

  Beauty Salon

  Restaurant: Our restaurant serve both Thai and International foods. We are
     greatly recommended you our traditional Thai taste to spice up your life

  Pool Bar: Our pool bar will serve you from early morning until midnight

  Thai Traditional Massage : Relaxing and refreshing your life from the tired

  The Life Spa: The spa for healthy life. Experience Thai style massage with
     sauna room and steam room. Feel relieve from the busy day and get fresh
     with the Life Spa

 Swimming pool: An uphill pool with waterfall sculpture and Jacuzzi for your
     relaxation. Taking a look for sunset at the pool area.

   Internet Corner: You are able to feel close to your home and your family by
     the resort's Internet communication.

The Life Spa offers you with high quality services and also prepared the best of products and treatments including varieties of massage. The customers can touch immediately the sense of refreshment and relaxation. Besides, we provide the highly supported team that is the professional therapists with high experience and concentrated creativity.

Oil Massage Release and balance your entire problem, tension free and refresh your mind with the high quality of essential oil that we provided. Choose the best one for you’re required and you can touch in smoothly from step to step by the professional therapist.

Body Scrub/Treatment
The Life Spa uses the natural herb because we are concentrated all customer requirements. To the excellent or finished products we choose for you sensitive skin. We pamper your skin as our own, our commitment to our clients most important.

Sauna and Spa
You can joined in the spa by hot and cool Jacuzzi; sauna & steam room with balanced the ranges or temperature. Our staffs are trained in how to care of you with the right way during in the sauna and spa. Not only accept in private but also safety and healthy benefits of sauna.
Besides the good and relaxing felling you get the sauna also has a cleansing effect look healthier more youthful

Driving in Phuket is a little crazy compared to most western nations, but nothing like what you can expect to see in Indonesia or India and congestion is limited to Phuket Town and the main stretches of Patong Beach; still nothing like we see everywhere in Japan. Have some common sense and be ready to learn from watching how the locals drive and you will be quickly making your way happily around. Of course, it helps if you are accostomed to driving on the left side of the road. That in itself could be enough to detract some North American or European drivers.


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