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Baan Laimai Beach Resort: Patong Beach, Phuket

Baan Laimai Beach Resort :: Come stay with us once and you will want to come back again. Only 50 meters from the beach, all rooms offer a balcony view of nature and are decorated with traditional Thai furnishings and teak furniture.

During the day, you and your family can relax and sunbathe at royal swimming pool area with the feel of tropical environment in total privacy.

At Sala Thai, you can see Patong Beach and have a small party with your family here.

New building of Baan Laimai Beach Resort with royal style suites.

We offer 5 type of rooms, each is equipped with : Balcony, Shower/wc, phone, Terrace, Hairdryer, Tea / Coffeemaker, Air condition, Mini bar and Satellite TV channels.

Laimai restaurant, specializing in Thai and international seafood dishes, has grown and flourished on Patong Beach for the past 14 years. Our broad variety of steaks is the for you to chose from and our unique Thai dishes include Tom Yam Kung an Padthai.

Discover the Oriental way of body & soul stimulation with the power of "Chi" or life force energy. Balance your body, develop resilience in facing stress, disease and injury or simply enforce the positive impact of peace and relaxation during your holiday.

  Traditional Thai Massage - The Thai's secret of restoring the natural flow body energies and balancing pressures and pains on muscles and organs. Relax under the supple hands of our well-trained staff.

  Aromatherapy Massage - The blissful way to touch body and soul while luxuriously applying pure, essential oil on the body. The massage responds to the individual needs of achieving complete relaxation and harmony with the use of oil, its aroma and the practical experience of our staff.

  Foot Reflexology Massage - A safe and unique foot massage technique to alleviate symptoms of stress, to improve the body's nerve system, blood circulation and blood supply to organs as well as to promote inner balance and harmony.

  Aromatherapy - Recommended before massage. We use the traditional from Thai herbal. Take 15-30 minutes stay in the steam room with refreshing breaks outside for the cold water splash. You can take 2-3 time in 30 minutes

  Body salt glow (60 minutes with herbal oil) - A full body brushing away of the sea salt from your skin. Our lavender and Aromatherapy essential oil blend will miraculously mineralize and hydrate your skin. This therapy will also remove impurities, improve circulation, and enhance the texture of your skin.

  Aroma full body massage (1 hour, with herbal oil) - A unique full body-massage. Our essential oil blend with completely relax your Body and soul This therapy helps relieve stress- related conditions such as anxiety Tension, backache, other aches and pains, poor circulation and tired skin

  Anti- Stress tlead @ shoulder massage (60 minutes) - This therapy helps relieve stress- related tension in the neck and shoulder area.   Reflexology (60 minutes) - A penetrating yet gentle foot massage, Our foot cream is homemade , blended from natural extracts and essential oil.

  Facial massage (45 minutes with Thai herbal) - Deep cleansing facial to remove impurities. A perfect introduction to facial treatment and aromatherapy experience and is individually tailored to fulfill your skins requirements, A beautiful facial which exfoliates Gleaners, hydrator and moisturizes.

  Thai massage (1 hour) - The traditional Thai massage under the supple hands of our excellent practitioners. Your worries and woes will ebb away.

  Classical Thai massage - The deepest Thai massage of all. Here we combine traditional Thai massage with finger- pressing Thai shiatsu. The ultimate full- course treatment for your stressed out body and aching soul. Just the thing for tension, backache, jet lag.


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